2011            M.F.A. California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

2007            B.F.A. Photography/ Digital Media, University of Houston, TX




It came from CalArts’, Centraltrak, Dallas, TX. Curated by Robin Myrick.
Uncovered’, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX
Home, Till Richter Museum, Buggenhagen, Germany


‘From the Pinnacle to the Prize’, The Mariago Collective, Houston, TX,  curated by Jovito Pacheco, two-person exhibit with Scott Proctor.
‘Sho Hot’, G Gallery, Houston, TX
‘Art Recycling Trucks Hit the Streets: Houston’s Going Green In Style, Recycling Truck for City of Houston goes public. Houston, TX


‘Triple Treat’, Unit B Gallery, San Antonio, TX

‘What’s in Store’, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX.

Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

TX Contemporary Art Fair, Houston, TX

‘Help Yourself’, EMERGEncy Room at Rice University, Houston, TX.   Collaboration with Mark Ponder, curated by Rachel Hooper.

‘A New Wave’, curated by Sally Sprout, Williams Tower, Houston, TX


‘Simple Machines and Simple Dreams’, Redbud Gallery, Houston, TX (solo)

‘What’s in Store’, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX.

‘Active’, Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco, CA

‘PLAYMATES’, Box13, Houston, TX (solo)

‘Space Zombie…’, Kallinen Contemporary, Houston, TX



Undercover, TX Contemporary Fair, Houston, TX

GLAMFA, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Intimacies, The Farley Building, Los Angeles, CA

How to Conduct Yourself, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA (solo)


QuantumDADA Phase II, Rudolph Projects/ Art Scan Gallery, Houston, TX

PLAYMATES, PS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (solo)
See you at the top, Horselaw Press, Zuerich, Switzerland (solo)

Tip-Toe, collaboration with Jonathan Leach, Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, TX UNWIND, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA (solo)


The Rescue at the Firehouse, Snatch Block Projects, New York, NY (solo)

The Paramilitary Show, Houston Fire Museum, Houston, TX


Houston Area Exhibition, Blaffer Gallery, the Art Museum at the University of

Houston, Houston, TX. Curated by Claudia Schmuckli.

BIOTOP, tmp.deluxe- temporary space for art and media, Berlin, Germany

In a New Direction, WallSpace Gallery, Seattle, WA, juried by Clint Willour,

Director at the Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX

HOT and grounded at 13, Public Installation at 13 Celsius, Houston, TX (solo)

Outpost, CTRL Gallery, Houston, TX

Dis, Dat, Dees, & Doz, The Joanna Gallery, Houston, TX

Day of the Dead, Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, TX


Recent Work by Ariane Roesch and Andrew Taylor,

De Santos Gallery, Houston, TX

Vestiges, Poissant Gallery, Houston, TX. BFA Thesis Exhibition.

Day of the Dead, Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, TX


Occurrence, Public Installation during the ArtCrawl, Houston, TX

S.A.P. – Street Art Project, Public Installation at the Fine Arts Bldg, University of

Houston. Houston, TX

Annual Student Show, Blaffer Gallery, Houston, TX

Day of the Dead, Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, TX

Art is GOOD, Hungry’s Restaurant, Houston, TX.


The Big Show, Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, TX. Curated by Michael Olijnyk.

Landmine Fantasy, Commerce Street Artist Warehouse, Houston, TX.

Juried by Wes Heiss

Annual Student Show, Blaffer Gallery, Houston, TX.

Day of the Dead, Lawndale Arts Center, Houston, TX.


Rock, Paper, Scissor, Commerce Street Artist Warehouse, Houston, TX.

Fashion Show, The Orange Show, Houston, TX,

Day of the Dead, Lawndale Arts Center. Houston, TX.

The Store, Negative Space Gallery, Houston, TX.




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2009            Another Somewhere booklet featuring Brett Davidson and Lynne Harlow

2008            SPOT Magazine, publication from the Houston Center of Photography, Fall 2008.

guest-editor Mary Magsamen.            Centerfold Pieces and Cover as part of

their Artist Portfolio section.

2004            Visual Culture Magazine, Spring 2004, Essay “The Ties that Bind”.


Curatorial Projects


What’s in Store, Annual UNIT exhibition, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX


What’s in Store, Annual UNIT exhibition, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX. An exhibition of all merchandise listed on UNIT, an online store and resource for limited edition prints, multiples, and publications by emerging and established artists.

Experimental Impulse, RedCat, Los Angeles, CA. Focused on the cross-over between LA Punk and Country Music in the late 1970s/early 80s. Part of Pacific Standard Time.


CARLARTS, SKYDIVEwest Art Space, Valencia, CA. A one-night happening with Carl Pomposelli in an apartment complex.

At the Seams…, SKYDIVE art space, Houston, TX. A collaborative project featuring work by visual artist Lynne Harlow and writer Brett Davidson. Part of the exhibition is also Another Somewhere, SKYDIVE’s first book publication.


Mechanical Perception, FotoFest Headquarters, Houston, TX. Co-curated with Toby Kamps and Stephan Hillerbrand. Featured work by Mei-Mei Dillard, Eileen Maxson, Brian Piana, Soody Sharifi, and Anderson Wrangle.


S.A.P. – Street Art Project, Fine Arts Building, University of Houston, Houston,TX. Based on the concept of Street Art, S.A.P’s goal was to place the Photography student’s imagery as cut-outs within the architectural context of the Fine Arts Building at the University of Houston.


Curatorial Press


Meredith Deliso, “UNIT at Gallery Sonja Roesch: For the love of prints, multiples and editions of all stripes”, Houston, Press, July 2012

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Chronicle, October 22, 2008

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October 2008

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October 14, 2008

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Fotofest”, September 10, 2008.

Nancy Zastudil, “Interview with SKYDIVE”. Proximity Magazine, August 19, 2008




Flow, EMERGEncy Room at Rice University. Part of ‘Help Yourself’

How hard can it be? Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX

How hard can it be? Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

How hard can it be? California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA


Ukulele Workshop. SKYDIVE art space and Contemporary Arts Museum,

Houston, TX. (in conjunction with Free School for the Arts as part of At the



SlideJam. Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX.

A curated artists talk for emerging and mid career contemporary artist



2010            Residency at Horselaw Press, Zuerich, Switzerland

2009            Residency at Snatch Block Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2009            Les Clark Scholarship from California Institute of the Arts

2009            IDEA Fund Grant for SKYDIVE Art Space, Houston, TX

2006            Thomas Flaxman Endowed Scholarship in Art from the University of Houston


Work Experience

Fall 2012 – Spring 2014 

Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston for a Senior Block Photography and Digital Media Class.
Focused on mentoring and advising students for the final thesis exhibition, discussions of critical texts, development of artist statements, as well as giving an artist presentation.

 – present 

Founder, UNIT, Houston, TX (Feb 14, 2012). An online store and resource for limited edition prints, multiples, and publications by emerging and established artists.


Teaching Assistant to Robert Dansby, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA. Introduction to Print and Digital Media Resources. Added a “Promotional Essentials” component to the class, which focuses on learning the digital tools necessary to create promotional material such as postcards, flyers, posters, as well as self-publishing books or pamphlets.

 2008 – 2009

Co-founder, SKYDIVE art space, Houston, TX (2008 – 2009).
Co-founded an exhibition space that uses an open and collaborative model to produce programming that aims to host a range of art practices that push the limits of their material forms. Responsibilities include Selection of Curators, Marketing/PR and website development.

 2005 – present

Gallery Sonja Roesch, Assistant Director and Office Manager.
Managed and assisted in the curatorial vision of a commercial gallery with six exhibitions a year. Responsibilities include: selection of artists, conducting studio visits, shipment and installation of work, as well as marketing.


Public Collections

City of Houston


Selected Private Collections

Erika and Richard Goldman, Houston, TX
Ulrike Natus and Luigi Ruggieri, Milan, Italy
Julie Kinzelman and Christopher Tribble, Houston, TX
Karen Lantz and Andrew Farkas, Houston, TX
Marlene and Wayne Picard, Houston TX/Los Angeles, CA
Heidi and David Gerger, Houston, TX
Emily Kilgore, Houston, TX
Judy Nyquist, Houston, TX
Gus and Sharon Kopriva, Houston, TX
Cynthia Toles, Houston, TX
Jereann Chaney, Houston, TX