Why Build?

As new housing—even affordable housing—is being constructed, it may seem like an unnecessary pursuit to build your own house. But it might just be a revolutionary response to some of the problems facing our society today.

1. You have quality and budget control.
You get what you want within the parameters of what you can afford.

2. You gain an awareness of the intricacies of life.
Building your own is an exercise in what constitutes shelter, a review of necessities, civic awareness, and an investigation in quality.

3. You have skin in the game.
Owning your own home encourages you to become more involved in your community. You want to live in a good neighborhood and still be able to afford it.

4. You stabilize the market.
Building your own home stabilizes the real estate market due to the house never being public bought or sold; it removes the financial speculation.

My book How to Build: a House, a Life, a Future advocates for a move back to the self, reinvigorating neighborhoods with a self-sufficiency and character that will reignite the complex fabric from which our cities grew.S

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