I’m in the airport terminal
waiting for my flight
I stroll through the never ending halls
past the glamorous shops
I peruse the magazines
biding my time till boarding

With a drink and some reading materials
I make my way to the seating area
rolling past the many people waiting
waiting for their time to fly

I see my father
reading a newspaper
it can’t be but that pose, that look,
that expression, it can’t be
anyone else

There you are! We’ve been really missing you!
Where have you been these last 10 years?!

I’ve been right here – traveling.
I should be there with you, but it’s a constant state of flux
up in the air.
I see you though. I know you are
doing well. And if you need me,
I’ll be right behind the next newspaper.



Ariane Roesch
Houston, TX, date unknown