How to Build: a memoir and how-to book about building a house, a life, and a future.
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Keep It Simple Stupid: “Passing the Torch” by Bob Fowler (Texas, 2018)
published on Glasstire November 10, 2018

Artists: Historians Really Are Your Friends (Texas, 2018)
published on Glasstire October 12, 2018

Important (Texas, 2018)

Harvey and the American Dream (Texas, 2017)
published on Glasstire September 6, 2017

What are Artists to do now? (Texas, 2017)
published on Glasstire January 17, 2017

Paradise is perseverance (Texas, 2016)

How to Conduct Yourself (California, 2011)

Communication Breakdown (California, 2009)

Mondays (California, 2009)

The Game of Los Angeles: A Smooth Operator (California, 2009)

Found (Texas, date unknown)